1. What are MJCCA Day Camp Hours?

Monday - Friday*, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm 
*Please note: Due to holidays, there are some 4-day weeks.
Before- and after-camp care is available in weekly increments. Before-Camp Care: 7:30-9:00 am; After-Camp Care: 4:00-6:00 pm.

2. What is the registration process?

Online registration for MJCCA Day Camps begins in January 2014.

Registrations are processed on a first-come first-serve basis, and confirmations are sent out within 4 weeks of receiving completed forms. Please feel free to contact MJCCA Day Camps at with any questions!

3. Are meals, snacks, and drinks provided?

All campers will receive 2 Kosher snacks (parve or dairy) each day, as well as a flavor ice popsicle at the end of the day. All campers must bring their own lunch to camp each day. All Traditional and Outdoor Specialty Camp camper lunches will be refrigerated. All Indoor Specialty and Sports Camp camper lunches will not be refrigerated, but will be stored in an air conditioned facility.

4. What bus stops are available?

We offer free bus transportation throughout Metro Atlanta including East Cobb, Intown, and North Metro. Please check the Bus Schedule to view our full bus routes.

5. Do you have a sample schedule?

Please click on the links below to view the sample schedules:

6. What is the Parent Shelter?

The Parent Shelter is your complete guide to being a parent of an MJCCA Day Camp camper. Once your camper is registered for camp you will receive a username and password. At that point you can log into the Parent Shelter to view specific camp schedules, counselor information, lists of what to bring, all camp forms, daily pictures of your child(ren) at camp, and more.

7. What to bring to camp?

All campers should wear comfortable clothes including sneakers. All clothing and additional items should be clearly labeled with camper's first and last name. Unless otherwise specified your child will need the following daily:

  • Backpack
  • Sunscreen – Please send your child to camp with sunscreen already applied and a bottle of sunscreen. The camp staff will make sure that sunscreen is reapplied throughout the day.
  • Non-perishable lunch (only CIA Traditional and Outdoor Specialty camper lunches are refrigerated)
  • Sneakers – Please no open toed shoes, flip-flops, or Crocs
  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Campers attending Sports Camps should bring all appropriate equipment

Please do not send iPods, cell phones, electronic games/toys, trading cards or money to camp with your child. Also, please discourage your child from bringing items that he/she does not want lost or damaged. Campers enrolled in travel camps who bring spending money will be responsible for managing their own money and purchases. The MJCCA is not responsible for lost, stolen, or traded items.

8. Do I have to be a MJCCA member to attend MJCCA Day Camps?

A MJCCA membership is not required to attend MJCCA Day Camps. However, we do offer special pricing for our members. 

9. Does my child have to be Jewish to attend MJCCA Day Camps?

No. MJCCA Day Camps welcome all children, regardless of religious affiliation, to participate in our camp experience.

10. Is there Financial Assistance available?

The MJCCA strives to make its programs accessible to individuals and families from all backgrounds. Financial assistance (FA) for preschool and camp is for members only, but families who are eligible may also receive FA for membership. Applications can be submitted online at The deadline for turning in all financial assistance forms is February 1, 2014. Financial assistance after this date will be considered as funds are available. For a copy of the latest guidelines for financial assistance or for other questions, please contact Barbara Vahaba, MJCCA financial assistance coordinator at 678.812.4142 or

11. How do you ensure safety at camp?

Safety is the primary concern at the MJCCA. Our camps set the highest standards for safety, quality practices, and management. All staff undergo an extensive application process to determine their suitability to work at camp. Specialists, in appropriate areas, are certified for their position. In addition, there is a mandatory training period prior at the beginning of camp that ALL staff attend.

12. What activities are offered at camp?

With more than 100 MJCCA Day Camp options, we offer a wide variety of camp activities. We suggest you review our camp catalog for specific camp details and activities. Please do not hesitate to contact MJCCA Day Camps at with any additional questions!

13. How are the camp groups formed?

Traditional CIA campers are divided into units based on grade and gender. Within each unit, campers are placed in small (8-12 campers), single-gender groups with 2-3 counselors. MJCCA Day Camps follow the American Camper Association (ACA) ratios for all groups.

Campers in our Take 3 Traditional Camp program are guaranteed the same campers and same counselors in their group for 3 consecutive weeks. However, we do our best to keep all camp groups and counselors as consistent as possible.

Upper and Lower Camp campers participating in Specialty Camps are placed in co-ed, multi-grade groups and will maintain the ACA ratios for counselor to camper ratios.

Sports and Performing Arts Camp groups are based on age and ability.

14. What are your weather procedures?

Inclement Weather: Campers will remain in scheduled activities as long as there is no lightning. In the event of a lightning storm, our Thoroguard Weather Warning System will sound and all campers will take cover in a grounded shelter or indoors. In the event of light rain, we will continue with our camp activities. We advise packing your camper's bag for rain and/or shine.

Extremely Hot Days: If temperatures exceed 95 degrees, all camps will modify the campers' schedules to put safety first. The modifications include changing activities that are in direct sunlight in the afternoon (or limiting exposure) and providing the children with an alternate activity. Water stations are located throughout the campgrounds and campers take frequent water breaks.

15. What does your swim program entail?

All campers enjoy daily free swim with the exception of drama campers who typically swim twice each week. CIA rising Kindergarten and rising 1st grade traditional campers participate in both instructional and free swim daily.

MJCCA Day Camp campers who would like to swim in the deep end of the pool are required to take a deep end swim test. Swim tests are given each Monday for new campers (and those campers who would like to retest). Campers who successfully pass the deep end swim test are given a swim band to wear on their wrist each day. Campers who do not pass the swim test are required to stay in the shallow end of the pool.

Swim Instruction is provided by American Red Cross Certified Lifeguards with the assistance of camp staff.

The overall program objectives are:

  • To overcome a child's fear of water.
  • To instill respect for and an appreciation of the water.
  • To provide campers with water safety and swimming skills.
  • To provide campers with an enjoyable water experience.