STOTT PILATES exercise is a stress relieving way to achieve and maintain optimal fitness and well-being.

Stot Pilates in Atlanta

We specialize in STOTT PILATES – the contemporary approach to the mind-body exercise method pioneered by Joseph Pilates more than 85 years ago. STOTT PILATES is an exercise method for all bodies at all stages of life and a completely modifiable system of more than 500 exercises performed on a mat or using specialized equipment.

STOTT PILATES incorporates modern bio-mechanic research and current thinking about movement and therapy and is recognized worldwide by the medical community as a leader in the industry. You benefit because you get the body transforming and slimming results from Pilates while also improving the health of your spine and refining your posture.

Our extensively trained instructors offer a variety of training options. We recommend all Pilates clients begin with an individual session to evaluate your personal needs and design a custom program that will meet your fitness goals. Many clients continue to train privately two to three times per week, or they combine private pilates training with one of our award winning group fitness classes that include internationally acclaimed Les Mills™ programs like BodyFlow™ or BodyPump™, and FitLine functional fitness: a class developed and taught exclusively at the MJCCA.

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