Introduction to Judaism Classes

The MJCCA's Lisa F. Brill Institute for Jewish Learning offers an array of introductory classes for anyone interested in exploring Judaism and beginning to celebrate Shabbat and Jewish holidays. Ideal for people of all backgrounds, these classes will walk you through the fundamentals of Judaism and set you on your path to discovering the joys and gems of Judaism.

Introductory Judaism Classes in Atlanta

Taste of Judaism

Throughout the year, the MJCCA offers A Taste of Judaism, one of our most popular Introduction to Judaism classes. This class is designed for those who are curious about Judaism and is offered free of charge. Open to the entire community, Taste of Judaism classes are the perfect place to start your Jewish educational journey.

Derech Torah: An Introduction to Judaism

This course begins to delve a little deeper into the essence of what Jewish living is all about. Our Derech Torah: An Introduction to Judaism classes present you with a pluralistic approach to learning; using materials that are provocative, challenging, and stimulating. In addition to scheduled classes, participants will enjoy Synagogue visits, Sabbath services, and meeting with community rabbis. This class is open to people of all faiths. The Atlanta Rabbinic Association has fully endorsed this class as a recommended course of study in preparation for conversion to Judaism.

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Jewish Education
Derech Torah: An Introduction to Judaism
01-19-2017 (22 sessions)
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
MJCCA-Zaban Park

Foundations of Jewish Living
Your Child Has Questions; Now You'll Have the Answers

You've arranged for your child to take the exciting journey of Jewish learning; learning each day about the meaning of mitzvot and core Jewish values and how to live them. Let us teach YOU the same lessons, so that you can continue the conversation at home and enhance YOUR Jewish educational journey. By learning the lessons your child is learning, you will be empowered to engage in conversations about Jewish values that will enrich your entire family. Check out the Shalom Sesame videos that relate to Foundations lessons.

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