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Have a question about a program or MJCCA service offering?

Consult the two lists below, Department Contact Information and Senior Management, to locate the appropriate department or individual. A staff member is at the ready and will respond quickly to assist you. 

Department Contact Information

Department E-mail Phone
Accounting/Billing accounting@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4009
Adult Sports Leagues adultsportsleagues@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4053
Aquatics aquatics@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3861
BBYO bbyo@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3970
Blonder Family Dept. for Special Needs blonder@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4091
Book Festival of the MJCCA bookfestival@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4005
Camp Barney Medintz campbarney@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3844
Club J clubj@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3761
Company J companyj@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4072
Company J Performing Arts Studio companyj@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4072
Connect connect@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3974
Dance dance@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4049
Family Programs familyprograms@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4161
Fitness Center groupfitness@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4022
Gymnastics gymnastics@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4046
Inclusion inclusion@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4094
Jewish Education brill.institute@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3723
Kid Zone/Youth Zone kidzone@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3830
Mature Adults matureadults@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3861
Membership membership@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4060
MJCCA Box Office boxoffice@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4002
MJCCA Summer Day Camps camps@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4004
Preschool Special Needs inclusion@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4094
Preschool Vacation Camp kidzone@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3830
Rosh Hodesh: It's A Girl Thing! roshhodesh@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3978
School's Out Camp schoolsout@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4004
Sophie Hirsh Srochi Discovery Center shsdc@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3834
Sports Classes youthsportsclasses@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4052
Sports Performance youthsportsperformance@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4024
Sports Rehabilitation Center   678.395.2643
Swim Lessons swiminstruction@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3861
TCS tcs@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3978
Teen Classes teenclasses@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3972
Tennis tennis@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4041
The Schiff School & Camp Schiff preschool@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3833
The Sunshine School & Camp Billi Marcus preschool@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3714
The Weinstein School & Camp Marie Benator preschool@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3833
Young Adult Sports Leagues youngadults@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4055
Young Adults youngadults@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4055
Youth Sports Leagues youthsportsleagues@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4052

Senior Management


You can connect with your MJCCA any time via phone, email, social media, or in person.» Our senior management, listed below and, the staff members in our Department Directory are ready to discuss upcoming programs, answer a question, or help you register for a class.» Sign up to receive  e-newsletters and email updates about upcoming programs and events. Stay connected through Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and join the conversation. View the latest videos of our programs and events.» The MJCCA is a place to hang out at the pool with friends, join in a pickup basketball game, enjoy Kid Zone child care while you work out in the Fitness Center, participate in enriching events and education, and give your child the gift of meeting the friends they’ll keep for life. Contact us today to take a tour.

Name/Title E-mail Phone
Jared Powers
Chief Executive Officer
leadership@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4000
Janel Margaretta
Chief Development & Communications Officer
leadership@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4000
Jim Mittenthal
Chief Program Officer, Residential Camping
leadership@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4000
Janice Wolf
Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
leadership@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4000

Michele Chambers
Manager, Database Projects
Michele.Chambers@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4112
Lisa Lebovitz
Director of Development
Lisa.Lebovitz@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4147
Miriam Friedman 
Director of Philanthropic Initiatives
Miriam.Friedman@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4148
Brian Glusman
Rabbi.Glusman@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4161
Karl Hydrick
Director of Security
Karl.Hydrick@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3995
Elizabeth Knapp
Director, Blonder Family Department for Special Needs
Elizabeth.Knapp@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4095
Rick Murphy 
Facilities Director
Rick.Murphy@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3698
Hannah O'Donoghue 
Director, Membership
Hannah.ODonoghue@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4061
Frances Raffield 
Director, Budgets & Financial Reporting
Frances.Raffield@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4121
Meryl Rindsberg 
Director of Day Camps and After School Programs
Meryl.Rindsberg@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3795
Aida Rosario 
Director of HR
Aida.Rosario@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4114
Zak Elfenbein
Director, Athletics and Fitness
Zachary.Elfenbein@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4051
Adrian Green
Director of IT
Adrian.Green@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4111
Keely Sime 
Director of Marketing
Keely.Sime@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4131
Kim Sucan 
Director of Preschools
Kim.Sucan@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3834