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Have a question about a program or MJCCA service offering?

Consult the two lists below, Department Contact Information and Senior Management, to locate the appropriate department or individual. A staff member is at the ready and will respond quickly to assist you.

Department Contact Information

Department E-mail Phone
Accounting/Billing accounting@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4009
Adult Sports Leagues adultsportsleagues@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4053
Aquatics aquatics@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3861
BBYO bbyo@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3970
Blonder Family Dept. for Special Needs blonder@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4091
Book Festival of the MJCCA bookfestival@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4005
Camp Barney Medintz campbarney@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3844
Club J clubj@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3761
Company J companyj@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4072
Company J Performing Arts Studio companyj@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4072
Connect connect@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3974
Dance dance@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4049
Family Programs familyprograms@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4161
Fitness Center groupfitness@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4022
Gymnastics gymnastics@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4046
Inclusion inclusion@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4094
Jewish Education brill.institute@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3723
Kid Zone kidzone@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3830
Mature Adults matureadults@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3861
Membership membership@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4060
MJCCA Box Office boxoffice@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4002
MJCCA Summer Day Camps camps@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4004
Preschool Special Needs inclusion@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4094
Preschool Vacation Camp kidzone@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3830
Rosh Hodesh: It's A Girl Thing! roshhodesh@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3978
School's Out Camp schoolsout@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4004
Sophie Hirsh Srochi Discovery Center shsdc@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3834
Sports Classes youthsportsclasses@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4052
Sports Performance youthsportsperformance@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4024
Sports Rehabilitation Center   678.395.2643
Swim Lessons swiminstruction@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3861
TCS tcs@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3978
Teen Classes teenclasses@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3972
Tennis tennis@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4041
The Sunshine School & Camp Billi Marcus preschool@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3714
The Weinstein School & Camp Marie Benator preschool@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3833
Young Adult Sports Leagues youngadults@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4055
Young Adults youngadults@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4055
Youth Sports Leagues youthsportsleagues@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4052

Senior Management

Name/Title E-mail Phone
Jared Powers
Chief Executive Officer
jared.powers@atlantajcc.org 678-812-4100
Janel Margaretta
Chief Development & Communications Officer
janel.margaretta@atlantajcc.org 678-812-4146
Hope Chernak
Chief Program Officer
hope.chernak@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4141
Jim Mittenthal
Chief Program Officer, Residential Camping
jim.mittenthal@atlantajcc.org 678-812-3840
Janice Wolf
Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
janice.wolf@atlantajcc.org 678-812-4120

Michele Chambers 
Manager, Database Projects
Michele.Chambers@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4112
Miriam Friedman 
Director of Philanthropic Initiatives
Miriam.Friedman@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4148
Brian Glusman 
Rabbi.Glusman@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4161
Karl Hydrick 
Director of Security
Karl.Hydrick@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3995
Jennifer Lieb 
Director, Blonder Family Department for Special Needs
Jennifer.Lieb@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4094
Rick Murphy 
Facilities Director
Rick.Murphy@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3698
Hannah O'Donoghue 
Director, Membership & Fitness
Hannah.ODonoghue@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4061
Kayce Pearce
Director of Annual Giving
Kayce.Pearce@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4147
Frances Raffield 
Director, Budgets & Financial Reporting
Frances.Raffield@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4121
Meryl Rindsberg 
Director of Day Camps and After School Programs
Meryl.Rindsberg@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3795
Aida Rosario 
Director of HR
Aida.Rosario@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4114
Howie Rosenberg 
Athletic Director
Howie.Rosenberg@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4051
Felix Hernandez
Director of IT
Felix.Hernandez@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4111
Keely Sime 
Director of Marketing
Keely.Sime@atlantajcc.org 678.812.4131
Kim Sucan 
Director of Preschools
Kim.Sucan@atlantajcc.org 678.812.3834