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The Katz Family Main Street Gallery is a versatile exhibition space dedicated to the presentation and interpretation of a wide variety of images and ideas. Exhibitions range from solo artist shows to documentary-style exhibits and touring shows from a nationwide network of museum and gallery partners.

Located along the main corridor of the MJCCA's Zaban-Blank building, the Katz Family Main Street Gallery welcomes hundreds of visitors each week. As you walk down Main Street on your next visit to the MJCCA, take a moment to enjoy our Gallery exhibits.

A Journey through Time: Works of the American Guild of Judaic Art

February 23 – May 10

The Katz Family Mainstreet Gallery is pleased to welcome this international exhibition, featuring the works of 28 artists and includes paintings, weavings, quilts, sculpture, jewelry and photography. The American Guild of Judaic Art (AGJA) is an international not-for-profit membership organization for those with interests in the Judaic arts and dedicated to the promotion of Jewish art and culture in society. Its membership includes Jewish artists, galleries, museum curators, collectors, retailers of Judaica, writers, educators in the field of Jewish studies and art history, and others professionally involved in the field.

On Wednesday, March 21, 2018, at 7:45 pm, Acclaimed fiber artist Laurie Wohl will give a presentation titled Textiles and Visual Midrash. “I will consider the use of textiles as carriers of narratives, especially of Biblical/spiritual texts,” says Wohl, whose work in the show, Ne’ilah, is composed of two large textile panels, featuring calligraphed prayers and strong contrast between solid and unwoven threads. “The panels reference the Gates of Closing in the Ne’ilah service on Yom Kippur. The unwoven veil-like portions suggest the mysteries – of God’s presence, God’s absence. The text refers to the urgent words of the prayer for the opening of the gates of t’shuvah (change), light, blessing, and closing. Many of the artists included in this exhibition will be present at the March 21 event.

Other works in the show include:

A “miracle of life”- themed pewter repousse notebook cover by Kentucky blacksmith Craig Kaviar. He combines ancient forging techniques - reminiscent of the early Hebrew/Bronze Age - with a modern aesthetic.
A Torah pointer (yad), made from polished pewter, an antique glass perfume stopper, and beads, by Frann Addison of Massachusetts.
A lush illustrated ketubah (wedding contract) in the style of 18th Dutch ketubot, by Miriam Karp of Georgia.
A silk-and-wire handwoven dress by Diane Kowalski of Virginia.
A sculpted metal dreidel by Aimee Golant of California
A colorful giclée print portrait of the Jewish people, by illustrator Darius Gilmont of Israel, originally painted for a children’s Torah.
A pastel-and-ink illustration by Shoshannah Brombacher, showing a mother and children lighting a traditional hanging Judenstern (Sabbath lamp).

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