FitLine™ Functional Fitness



Cross the line between convention and innovation in the MJCCA FitLine™ Functional Fitness Studio.

FitLine™ is small group coaching, team training, and targeted fitness programs and classes — all designed to make you feel better, look better, and perform better! FitLine™ is available to MJCCA Ultimate members. To learn more about becoming an ultimate member, click here.

FitLine™ Offers: unlimited class participation, various times per day, coach-led small groups, and varied strength and cardio workouts.


In addition to FitLine™ Functional Fitness, Ultimate Members also enjoy the following boutique class offering:

.: High intensity interval training includes core and sculpting drills between incline trainer blocks at walking, jogging, and/ or running pace. PERFECT FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS.

FitLine™ Functional Fitness: Small group functional training class provides you with the strength, stability, power, and endurance that you need to thrive as you move through life. Every workout uses basic functional movement patterns like pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting, rotating, carrying and walking/ running.

TRX: Achieve your goals and develop core stability, balance, and strength. Hone your suspension training technique and develop a strong foundation through easy-to-follow exercise progressions.

Pilates Reformer: Sculpt your legs, lift your seat, create sexy and defined shoulders and get rock hard abs. This workout infuses the principles of classical ballet, pilates, isometrics and a little bit of 'funk.’

LIFT: In the first half of class we introduce you to a fundamental of Olympic weightlifting. Athletes will learn and utilize technique drills and progressions for training the Olympic lifts (Clean, Jerk, and Snatch) under coach’s guidance. Second half is a short, intense FitLine™ workout.

OPEN GYM: We offer Open Gym during designated hours of the week. We encourage members to spend extra time working on their weaknesses, building strength, or focusing on a skill that they normally don’t have time to address during our regularly scheduled FitLine™ classes.

Try a FREE Week of Ultimate Classes

Revolutionize your workout with a free week* of Ultimate Classes. Choose from our boutique fitness class offerings, including TRX, H.E.A.T., FitLine™, LIFT!, and Pilates Reformer and get #mjccafit. View the class schedule.

*Call Membership at 678.812.4060 to redeem your free week. We're happy to answer questions over the phone; however, client must come in to membership office at Zaban Park to redeem free week. Free week based on availability. Offer only applies to designated ultimate classes. For new clients only. Reservations are filled on a first come, first served basis. ALL RESERVATIONS ARE FINAL. Must be redeemed by or before December 31, 2019. Cannot be combined with any other ultimate classes or FitLine™ offer.

FitLine Programs
Register Here:

16 Years +
Sunday - Saturday
Time Varies
MJCCA-Zaban Park

Ultimate Class Pass 10 Pack
16 Years - 100 Years
Day Varies

Ultimate Class Pass 8 Pack
16 Years - 100 Years
Day Varies

Ultimate Class Pass 5 pack - NEW CLIENTS ONLY
16 Years - 100 Years
Day Varies

Youth Fitness
FitLine Kids Thursdays
6 Years - 9 Years
03-12-2020 (8 sessions)
4:00 PM to 4:45 PM
Youth Fitness
FitLine Jr. (Thursdays)
11 Years - 15 Years
03-12-2020 (8 sessions)
6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

* FitLine™: Open to Ultimate members only. Members can upgrade to the Ultimate level for an additional fee. Space is limited. Ultimate members can use Mind Body Online to reserve space in our FitLine™ classes.



For more information and to purchase, contact membership at 678.812.4060.

For more information on FitLine™, contact FitLine™ at 678.812.4022.

Free Childcare

MJCCA Ultimate and Preferred Members receive two FREE hours of Kid Zone childcare per family per day, for all children on the membership, while working out at the MJCCA Zaban Park Campus. Ultimate and Preferred Individual Members who do not have children included on the membership may receive the same service for $10 per child per month.




The MJCCA’s Inclusion Program strives to provide the necessary accommodations and flexibility for youth who require additional support so they may access the transformative opportunities available at the MJCCA. Our Inclusion Team collaborates with parents, educators, and staff to determine if successful program placement is possible. These youth and their families are then supported by our Inclusion Team through program accommodations and may also receive individualized assistance. Click here for more information.