Krav Maga Combatives

Learn the Art of Krav Combatives

Martial arts training can help improve flexibility, balance, coordination, and even peace of mind. The MJCCA's 8-week Krav Maga class, open to both members and the community, is an ideal opportunity to learn this self defense system that involves striking techniques, wrestling, and grappling.

Krav Combatives Classes in Atlanta

Learn how to defend yourself and transform into a practical, aware and self-confident individual. Krav Combatives is a simple and effective self-defense system that emphasizes instinctive movements, practical techniques, and realistic training scenarios. Our curriculum includes varying levels of defense against both armed and unarmed attackers. Krav Combatives is for men and women alike because it emphasizes easy-to-learn techniques that have been battle-tested in real, life-threatening confrontations.