MYZONE™ Heart Rate Monitoring Belt

Get the most out of your workouts with the latest in wearable fitness technology.

Special deal available for MJCCA members. See below for details.

Your body’s moving, your breathing is heavy – but are you putting in enough effort when you work out? With the MYZONE™ physical activity belt, there’s no need to wonder. MYZONE offers real-time data on your heartrate and exertion levels; with an easy green-yellow-red display, you can monitor how hard you’re working at a glance on the MYZONE app on your phone, or in select classes at the MJCCA.

The MYZONE belt is worn across the chest, as close to the skin as possible. Unlike wrist worn lifestyle trackers, MYZONE is extremely accurate and inclusive of all exercise efforts. We encourage you to use the MYZONE belt in any our 100+ weekly fitness classes. All classes held in the new Cycle HIIT Studio feature your MYZONE information on a screen in the room, allowing you to compete with and encourage other class attendees. You can also use the MYZONE belt during any physical activity, including playing tennis, going for a run on our running track, and even going for a swim!

The MYZONE MZ-3 unit retails for $120USD. Via a special offer for MJCCA members, you can purchase your own MZ-3 unit for just $60, while supplies last. Contact fitness@atlantajcc.org or call 404-812-4025 to find out more and upgrade your workout experience.

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For more information, contact fitness at 678.812.4025.

Free Childcare

MJCCA Ultimate and Preferred Members receive two FREE hours of Kid Zone childcare per family per day, for all children on the membership, while working out at the MJCCA Zaban Park Campus. Ultimate and Preferred Individual Members who do not have children included on the membership may receive the same service for $10 per child per month.


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