Children with Special Needs

Your MJCCA preschooler is viewed as an individual first, enabling our professional teaching staff to plan appropriate instruction based on your child's unique strengths.

Not all children learn and develop skills at the same pace, and some children face certain learning challenges. Because of their comprehensive training and experience, our staff is often able to identify a child's particular challenges early enough to successfully achieve timely intervention. This allows us to choose the most appropriate learning path for his or her special needs; whether that includes autism, ADD, ADHD, developmental delay, or a developmental disability.

The Adaptive Learning Center

Since 1996, the MJCCA has partnered with the Adaptive Learning Center to provide specialized services such as screening, classroom support, facilitation, and consulting, to young children with learning challenges. This inclusionary program has served as a model to other preschools throughout Metro Atlanta.

MJCCA Inclusion Program

In order to better serve the growing needs of those on the Autism Spectrum as well as those with special needs, the MJCCA offers inclusion programming. With the support of a Learning Style Specialist, children now have the access to the same wonderful opportunities as their typical peers. The Learning Style Specialist will encourage and support participation in a wide variety of program offerings and will strive to ensure that children and their families have the best possible experience at school and throughout the MJCCA.


For more information, contact Jennifer Lieb, MJCCA Learning Style Specialist, at 678.812.4094.


The Weinstein School and The Sunshine School are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), a distinction awarded only to the top 7% of preschools nationwide. For more information about NAEYC, please visit their website.


The MJCCA’s Inclusion Program strives to provide the necessary accommodations and flexibility for youth who require additional support so they may access the transformative opportunities available at the MJCCA. Our Inclusion Team collaborates with parents, educators, and staff to determine if successful program placement is possible. These youth and their families are then supported by our Inclusion Team through program accommodations and may also receive individualized assistance. Click here for more information.