Inclusion Program

The MJCCA strives to provide an environment that supports and enriches the lives of all children, youth, and young adults. In order to better serve the growing needs of those on the Autism Spectrum, as well as those with special needs, MJCCA camps offer inclusion programming. With the support of an Inclusion Specialist, children have access to the same wonderful camp opportunities as their typical peers.

Inclusion Programs in Atlanta

An Inclusion Specialist works with the recommendations of parents, educators, and MJCCA staff to facilitate the best possible placement for each individual. They encourage and support participation in a wide variety of program offerings and ensure that children and their families have the best possible experience at the MJCCA.

Children in the Inclusion Program may receive special assistance from a facilitator or have accommodations made to the program. Our Inclusion Specialist will work with parents and MJCCA staff to coordinate the best experience for each child, as well as oversee the Inclusion Program throughout the summer.