Multi Sports for Kids

Looking for Multi Sports Activities for Your Kids? MJCCA Multi Sports focus on keeping kids active in a sports-centric, fun-focused environment for children.  Participants enjoy activities including soccer, t-ball, basketball, relay races, parachute play, scooters, and more. Children will have fun and make new friends, while also focusing on teamwork and sportsmanship, exploring new interests, developing athletic abilities, and building self-confidence. Team sports will help build coordination, motor skills, and a lifelong love of sports.

Multi-Sport for preschoolers includes soccer, t-ball, basketball

At the MJCCA, your little one can take to the field and hit the court in these fun classes where your child will be introduced to soccer, t-ball, basketball, and other activities like the parachute and scooters that will help build coordination, motor skills, and a lifelong love of sports.

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Early Childhood Skills - Multi -Sports
3 Years - 5 Years
10-29-2019 (8 sessions)
1:30 PM to 2:30 PM
MJCCA Zaban Park

Early Childhood Skills - Multi -Sports @ The Schiff School
3 Years - 5 Years
11-01-2019 (8 sessions)
1:30 PM to 2:30 PM