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Share your passion for helping others. Volunteering will have a profound impact on you and on the community. Join our team of volunteers for the chance to make new friends, learn new skills, and have fun – all while making a real difference here at the MJCCA.

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We have a variety of volunteer opportunities to fit your schedule and interests. Whether it's serving on one our committees, coaching a team, working on theater set design, or helping with children's programs, volunteers are a fundamental part of the MJCCA mission. Thank you for giving back to your community!

It's easy to get started. Simply complete the Volunteer Application and you will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator to discuss getting started.

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Volunteer Spotlight

We are proud to spotlight MJCCA Volunteers who have truly made a difference in our community.


2015: Ed Feldstein

Ed Feldstein was honored in March 2015 as the MJCCA Volunteer of the Year for his numerous contributions to the agency over the last ten years. Since moving to Georgia with his wife Judy and getting involved with the MJCCA, Ed has seized the opportunity to introduce new programs that many now enjoy. Along with some fellow cohorts he initiated a co-ed weekly discussion group called Talking Heads, which now averages more than 30 attendees a week. Along with fellow member Sid Cojac, Ed also helped introduce Pickleball to the MJCCA’s sports roster, which has attracted more than 150 participants. He has been actively volunteering with the Book Festival of the MJCCA for the last five years, even co-chairing the 2015 volunteer committee. And, once a year he hosts a container gardening workshop. 

Ed purports that it is never too late to make a difference in one’s life and the lives of others. This award is in recognition of his positive impact, and the MJCCA is grateful for his efforts.

2014: Scott Ackerstein

Scott Ackerstein was honored on March 18, 2014 as the MJCCA Volunteer of the Year for his exceptional devotion as Commissioner of the MJCCA’s Shirley Blumenthal Park (SBP) Men’s Basketball League. In his 17 years in this position, Scott never hesitated to roll up his sleeves to get the job done. He spent countless hours each year working with the MJCCA staff, referees, and participants to ensure the league operates at its highest level. Scott helped organize the league when it first began. In the league’s early days, they played in a rented gym before SBP’s outdoor pavilion was constructed. The opening of the Park’s enclosed gymnasium helped take the league to a new level. Scott tended to every program and game time with great detail, and he truly embodied his nickname the “Commish”. He was always the first person to check in on an injured athlete or rally the league in support of a fellow player.

Scott is husband to wife Amy, and father to daughters Stephanie and Carlie. He skillfully balanced family and league responsibilities with a full-time sales job that keeps him out of town several days a week.

The MJCCA and its basketball leagues are family matters for the Ackersteins. Amy acts as Commissioner for the SBP Women’s Basketball League, and Stephanie and Carlie have both worked the sports desk and scorekeeper’s table. Without Scott’s commitment, the SBP Men’s Basketball league would not have grown to be the place our East Cobb athletes gathered for camaraderie and competition for all these years. His “can do” focus and support for the community embodies everything the MJCCA represents.

2013: Gayle Siegel 

clientuploads/email/Enewsletter/AtYourMJCCA-016-GayleSiegel.jpgWhat better time than National Volunteer Week, April 21-27, to spotlight our Volunteer of the Year, Gayle Siegel. For many years, Gayle has been and continues to be a very active advisory board member, leading committees, working hours on end, and volunteering at programs. It's people like Gayle and our other volunteers who make all the difference in our success. Our hats are off to you Gayle! We appreciate everything you do. Photo: Gayle Siegel holding her 2013 MJCCA Volunteer of the Year Award with MJCCA President, Steven Cadranel.









February 2014: Howard Justan

clientuploads/200-width/VL-Spotlight201313-WendyBearmanMarcyBass.jpgThe MJCCA’s Youth Sports Department would like to recognize a very dedicated coach, Howard Justan. Coach Howard started coaching at the MJCCA last winter when he volunteered to help with his son Joshua’s Pre-K Basketball practice. Over the last year, Howard has been the head coach of Joshua’s baseball and basketball teams. Howard is an outstanding coach on and o¬ff the court and field. During practice and games, Howard is enthusiastic and patient with kids as they are learning a new sport. He sets realistic goals and expectations for the players that help them learn and build confidence in sports. O¬ the court, Coach Howard takes the time for game day programs for parents and spectators, and he encourages the parents to support and cheer on all of the players. Coach Howard isn’t just a volunteer. He is a role model and an inspiration to the kids on his teams. Thank you, Coach Howard, for providing an exceptional experience for all of the players on your teams!

December 2013: Wendy Bearman and Marcy Bass

clientuploads/200-width/VL-Spotlight201313-WendyBearmanMarcyBass.jpgWendy Bearman and Marcy Bass 2013 Book Festival Co-Chairs Wendy Bearman and Marcy Bass embody the true spirit of volunteerism. Not only are they selfless with their time, but their enthusiasm for the annual Book Festival never wanes, not even during its most challenging moments. The Book Festival is a two-year commitment(this year was actually Wendy’s third consecutive year in the role of co-chair, with one year as vice-chair). Secondly, a lot of planning is involved. This past year, Wendy and Marcy mutually attended more than 50 meetings, which included the oversight of 14 Book Festival sub-committees. They met weekly with MJCCA professional staff and attended the Jewish Book Council conference in New York in June. During the festival, they were present at nearly every author event.

Both Wendy and Marcy bring a great deal of non-profit experience - the American Jewish Committee, Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, and the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival – to their eclectic skill sets.

As December’s Volunteers of the Month, we honor these two incredibly bright, creative, resourceful, and remarkable women for their dedication and service to one of the MJCCA’s largest programs, the Book Festival of the MJCCA.

November 2013: Josef Limor

clientuploads/200-width/VL-Spotlight201311-JosefLimor.jpgJosef Limor and his family have been involved members here at the MJCCA for several years. Josef and his wife Judy have three children: Jordan, age 13; Abigail, age 10; and Chava, age 5.  All three of their children participate in sports programs, camps, and numerous other activities here at the MJCCA.  Josef not only supports the MJCCA by having his children in the programs but also by continuously volunteering to help. Within the last year alone, Josef has coached two kindergarten soccer teams, a U10 girls soccer team, and a U12 girls soccer team.  Josef is a very valued volunteer at the J and a great role model for our youth participants.  Please join the MJCCA in thanking Josef for all of his outstanding contributions to the center.

September 2013: Hannah Boresow

clientuploads/200-width/VL-Spotlight201309-HannahBoresow.pngHannah Boresow is the advisor of our newly formed Mizrah BBG chapter. Hannah has been an advisor since October 2012 and is wonderful with the girls. She maintains constant communication with her teens and is always available to provide them support or assistance, day or night.

Hannah just recently staffed our BBYO Leadership Training Institute and had the opportunity to work with her new board and help them develop as leaders. We are so glad that Hannah is a part of our BBYO advisor family.

May 2013: Kelly Nehman

clientuploads/200-width/VL-Spotlight201305-KellyNehman.jpgOur volunteer of the month is Kelly Nehman, who has been helping out in one of The Weinstein School's 3 year-old classrooms. The school's faculty has described her as being a wonderful addition, significantly assisting with lesson planning, art projects, circle time, and other activities. She has been working with children in both small and large groups and contributing to class instruction. Kelly's work in the classroom has been impressive and embodies the dedicated spirit of the MJCCA's Volunteer Program.

February 2013: Noga Kohl


Noga visits us daily as a volunteer in The Weinstein School preschool.  Having just completed her army service in Israel, Noga assists in many helpful ways during preschool lessons, group activities and one-on-one with the children.  She has developed a close rapport with the three year olds, who especially delight in her translating their everyday things into Hebrew. A big shout out THANK YOU to Noga!  

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