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Beginner Fall Swim Team

Day Varies, 08-17-2020 (39 sessions)
3:30 PM to 4:00 PM



Beginner swim team is a program for children working towards joining the swim team. This swim team group is for recreational swimmers, no previous swim team experience is required; however, participants MUST be able to swim down and back on their front and backs confidently and independently. Jr. Shark's swimmers will learn the basics of freestyle, backstroke and the beginnings of breaststroke and butterfly while building their endurance, developing positive self-esteem, making new friends and having fun. Covid guidelines and restrictions: We will have 2 coaches on the deck, we will not be getting in the water. There is a 5 minute overlap between groups so the entrance and exit does not get over crowded. We will be wiping down the hand rails, dive blocks, and backstroke pegs between groups. The lifeguard staff will continue their normal cleaning schedules as well. Please bring your own equipment (if you have it). We will not be sharing equipment such as buoys or kick boards. If you have equipment already here, you will be able to access it. There be a max of 12 people in the pool at one time. It will be 3 people per lane. Lanes 1 and 3 will have 2 kids in the shallow and 1 in the deep. Lanes 2 and 4 will have 2 in the deep and 1 in the shallow. This way we will be able to remain 6 feet apart. Circle swimming will be strictly enforced. The locker rooms will be open; however, we ask that you come to practice already in your bathing suit and leave in your bathing suit. Everyone's temperature will be checked at the front gate upon arrival. If they have a temperature, we will ask you to leave. Please bring your own water bottle to practice, there is no water fountains Coaches will have masks as well.

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