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Jewish Mindfulness for Parents Running on Empty

Wednesdays, 07-08-2020 (6 sessions)
8:00 AM to 8:45 AM



Jewish Mindfulness for Parents Running on Empty

One of the biggest challenges of parenting during a pandemic is the ability to stay present with our children amidst uncertainty, fear, and a full plate of responsibilities. Many of us are parenting on empty without any help or outside support. It is understandable that we end up feeling overwhelmed and upset in the very moments when our attention is needed most. 


Counter-intuitively, the key to becoming more patient, compassionate, and present to our children lies in first becoming more patient, compassionate, and present to ourselves. Together, we will create a space in which to let go and breathe, reconnect and recommit to our deepest values.  


During our course, we will:


·      Learn mindfulness and meditation, which can help you become and stay more present to yourself and to your kids.

·    Explore ways we can gently respond to our own emotional truths.

·      Discover Jewish practices that offer wisdom on staying intimately connected to ourselves and the children we love.

·      Build community with other parents. 

This course is VIRTUAL and offered through ZOOM. All classes will be recorded, so if you miss a class you can still catch up!

Led by Marita Anderson, a hospital Chaplain with a Master in Jewish Studies from the Academy for Jewish Religion, California. She is part of the Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training program at the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. She studied meditation at The Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, at Vanderbilt Medical Center, as well as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at the Center for Mindfulness (UMass Medical School).

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