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A Page from the Book Festival Presents

NYT Bestselling Author
Steve Berry, The Bishop's Pawn

Book Talk & Signing

Sunday, 03-25-2018
7:00 pm
MJCCA - Zaban Park •



In The Bishop's Pawn, New York Times bestselling thriller author Steve Berry (who hails from Marietta, Georgia) delivers a riveting adventure involving his recurring hero, former-Justice Department operative Cotton Malone. It’s a novel that examines the dawn of Malone’s career as a Navy lawyer with the Judge Advocate General’s office, and turns upside down what we think we know about the murder of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Using Steve’s trademark style of meticulously researched history with an unexpected twist, The Bishop's Pawn sends Malone down dark roads and up blind alleys, all leading to a cadre of startling revelations (many of which are true) about this country, the FBI, Dr. King’s death, and the machinations of unrestrained power.

Books will be available for purchase from our official bookseller, A Cappella Books.



Members: $10

Community: $15 

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Pam Morton
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