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Chat Away! Share Your Gift & Volunteer with Israeli English Teachers

view options Did you know? You have a gift you can share with Israeli Teachers! Teach Conversational English with English Speaking Teachers in Israel.

Less than one hour weekly per teacher!
No previous experience is required, and professional guidance is provided.
Basic Zoom and initial communication via Whatsapp are required.
Volunteers use Zoom and Whatsapp to chat with English-speaking teachers in Israel and teach conversational English.
Register to attend training on September 15, then volunteering begins at the end of October for 15 sessions.


One volunteer describes her experience as pure joy! "Volunteering with ESRA helps me feel I am doing my part for international relations by letting Israelis know not all the people in America are like the ones on TV, in politics, or in the news. I can personally recommend this service.”

ESRA, founded in 1979 as a non-profit volunteering organization, is Israel's largest English-speaking community network working toward equality in Israeli society through its education and welfare projects.

ESRA’s largest global volunteer educational project is ESRA English Tutoring Program, recognized and recommended by the Israel Ministry of Education.