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MJCCA Arts Classes

The MJCCA is the place to be for cooking classes, theater, art, and dance classes for all ages! Join our chefs in the state-of-the-art kosher-style Henry and Etta Raye Hirsch Culinary Arts Studio, find something to act up about, get creative, or build coordination, balance, and rhythm. Create memories that will last a lifetime and sign up today! We’re open to the entire community.

Please note: we will follow up to register you or your child or teen for the appropriate program once you have completed the application.

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Cooking Classes for Children, Adults, and Families

Children, adults, and families can learn culinary techniques and create delicious dishes. Improve your skills and learn new ones with our range of classes.
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Theater Classes for Children and Teens

Kids can deepen their craft in our Youth Ensemble, which culminates in a full production of The Wizard of Oz and build confidence and listening skills, explore character development, choreography, music, and more in our theater classes.
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Art Classes for Children and Teens

Budding designers will explore the art of fashion with an acclaimed designer. They’ll create their own unique brand and learn about collages and mood boards to stimulate creativity and hone design skills.
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Dance Classes for Children and Adults

Our dance program for children offers instruction on all styles to help your budding dancer grow and improve, while having fun! Delight in the joy of our Adult ballet and tap classes! Dance your way to a better mood, increased flexibility, and all-over strength.
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