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Important News about MJCCA Courts

We have some good news to share with you about our tennis and pickleball courts. The courts are newly resurfaced and new pickleball lines have been striped on courts 4-6 to create two pickleball courts per tennis court.

We are also happy to announce a new app for tennis and pickleball reservations, Playbypoint, which will enable you to much more easily reserve courts. Please make sure to read below for all the details on using Playbypoint!

Remember to join MJCCA Pickleball and MJCCA Tennis Facebook Groups for program updates!

We appreciate your support of our growing Pickleball and Tennis programs at the MJCCA!

Adam Silverstein and Jammie Harrison


  • We are excited to start using a new app, Playbypoint, which is very user friendly and will greatly streamline the reservation process for tennis and pickleball. Playbypoint will be used for all tennis, pickleball, and tennis ball machine reservations and will allow you to easily select desired date, time, and court.
  • You will need to download the Playbypoint app from the App Store or Google Play. Click here for the desktop version.
  • Once you have downloaded the Playbypoint app, you will need to create an account (which is super fast and easy). Then, click the Facilities menu to search for and add the “Marcus JCC of Atlanta.”
  • You will then see Marcus JCC of Atlanta in your Facilities tab and a BOOK NOW button. Click that button to choose your day, time, and court. Once you select confirm, your court is reserved.
  • Please reach out to if you have any questions or issues making a reservation.


  • Four nets are set up and stored behind the benches. Please pick up and move the nets and do not drag them across the court. Please return the net after playing.
  • Two additional nets are stored in the shed located outside of court 6. Please see below for instructions on how to set up and break down the nets.


  • Select a carrying case containing a net and instructions from the shed located outside of court 6.
  • Unzip the carrying case and remove all tubes and net.
  • Locate the center T-bar stand (#1) and put the Center Spreader Tube (#6) through the top hole in the T-bar Stand (#1).
  • Assemble three Horizontal Base Tubes (#2) to each side of the Center Spreader Tube (#6).
  • Assemble one Horizontal Bent Base Tube (#5) to each side of the Horizontal Base Tubes (#2).
  • Assemble End Base Legs (#3) to each Horizontal Bent Base Tubes (#5) by pressing the metal pin to attach. The Horizontal Base Tube (#5) should be inserted with a bent leg facing the ground.
  • The lower frame assembly is now complete with the center of the frame raised off the ground.
  • Assemble one Vertical Post (#4) into the vertical tube on one End Base Leg (#3) and then repeat this step on the other side.
  • Route the Net Tension End Straps around each Vertical Post (#4) and tension the net.


  • Release Net Tension Straps by undoing the tension. Remove both Vertical Posts (#4) from the End Base Legs (#3) and fold the net up around the Vertical Posts.
  • Unhook all poles from each other and place them all in the carrying case. Then, place the net on top of all pieces.
  • Zip up the carrying case and return to the shed located outside of court 6.