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Personal Training in Atlanta

Working out under the guidance of a personal trainer is motivating and an opportunity to learn the best ways to achieve your goals.

MJCCA personal trainers are dedicated fitness experts with years of experience and specialties ranging from personalized routine development and injury prevention, to sports conditioning. Our trainers are certified professionals with education across a variety of disciplines including pharmacy, physical therapy, exercise physiology, athletic training, and several specialized therapies—skills that can match your interests, concerns, and needs.

Whatever your goal, we can design a program to help you achieve it. Your trainer will monitor and update your fitness routine as you progress, ensuring that the exercises you perform are done safely and for maximum effectiveness.

 Personal training sessions are available by appointment and may be scheduled with a partner or a group.

What we offer:

Small Group - 4:1

  • Four (4) one-hour workout sessions
  • Indoor/outdoor training
  • Fun, social environment

Privates - 1:1

  • Individualized to meet the client’s needs
  • Indoor/outdoor training
  • Fun, social environment

Semi-Privates - 2:1

  • Individualized to meet the duets needs
  • Indoor/outdoor training
  • Fun, social environment

H20 Training

  • No swimming experience needed
  • High resistance, low impact
  • All Levels, All Abilities

Youth/Teen Training

  • Individualized or group training for youth/teens
  • Indoor/outdoor training
  • Fun, social environment

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