BBYO in Atlanta

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AZA and BBG have helped shape the lives of its members since 1924. We have a network of over 250,000 alumni, many of whom are leaders in the fields of business, entertainment and politics, and attribute much of their success to the experiences they had in BBYO. As you chart your way through high school, we invite you to join BBYO, where you will find a great group of friends and plenty of opportunities to help build your character, confidence, and social calendar.

We "get" the stress that comes with starting high school, getting into college, and finding a place where you can be yourself. We provide opportunities for you to have fun in a comfortable, inclusive environment where lifelong friendships, skills and value systems are developed and nurtured.

What's great about BBYO is that it's a completely customizable experience. Our renowned leadership offerings empower teens to create and lead their own programs. We also offer opportunities for you to play sports, travel, do community service, and learn more about Jewish heritage.

Regardless of the BBYO path you choose, you'll walk away from BBYO with experiences that will help set you apart on college applications, provide you with a network of Jewish friends, and prepare you for the real world.

BBYO strives to welcome all Jewish teens, regardless of background, denominational affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status, including those with a range of intellectual, emotional, and physical disabilities. Please contact us to learn more.

Meet the BBYO Staff

Abby Lesorgen

Interim BBYO Director

Abby was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. She graduated with a BS in Communications and Rhetorical Studies from Syracuse University. After graduation, Abby spent three years at the Roth Family Jewish Community Center of Orlando running all of their programming for children in kindergarten through tenth grade, including their after school and camp programs. She moved to Atlanta in 2014 and joined the MJCCA as Club J Director, a position she held for two years and then spent several years with MJCCA Day Camps. Abby and her husband, Dave, currently reside in Dunwoody.



The MJCCA’s Inclusion Program strives to provide the necessary accommodations and flexibility for youth who require additional support so they may access the transformative opportunities available at the MJCCA. Our Inclusion Team collaborates with parents, educators, and staff to determine if successful program placement is possible. These youth and their families are then supported by our Inclusion Team through program accommodations and may also receive individualized assistance. Click here for more information.