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Security Assessment Fee

The safety and security of our members, guests, and staff remain a top priority for MJCCA leadership, and we are continually evaluating our security operations.

Over the past few years, the MJCCA has been at the forefront of implementing security enhancements. Many of these security measures have been visible, like arming our security guards and adding cameras and barriers around campus. Other enhancements remain unseen or can’t be shared. We are continuing to implement additional security measures at Zaban Park, Camp Barney Medintz, The Sunshine School, and The Schiff School.

Funding these additional security measures solely from our operating budget is a challenge.

To ensure that we can continue to enhance and upgrade our security operations and maintain safe and secure facilities, we are instituting a modest security assessment to help defray the ever-rising costs of securing our four locations.

The MJCCA Board of Directors unanimously approved a $5 per month security fee for MJCCA members, effective April 1, 2019. This security fee, along with donations to our Security Fund, will enable us to:

  • Maintain and increase security personnel when necessary
  • Continue to hire qualified and well-trained security officers
  • Enhance our technology and analytics systems
  • Install a new communications system
  • Conduct important security training
  • Implement a variety of other security enhancements that we cannot share for your safety and security

This security assessment will only cover a portion of our total security costs and is designed to minimize the financial burden to our membership. If this monthly fee presents a financial hardship for you, please reach out to our membership team at or 678.812.4060 and a representative will be happy to discuss alternatives.

Thank you for being an integral part of our MJCCA community and for understanding the importance of supporting our security operations.