MJCCA Gymnastics Team

Perimeter Gymnastics Team

Hot Shots
Hot Shots is a twice a week, invitation-only class structured to prepare gymnasts for entry into the competitive team program. Gymnasts will build strength and flexibility, learn proper skill technique, and build a foundation for progression through the USAG Gymnastics levels. Hot Shots practice 4 hours a week.

Compulsory Gymnastics
Our Compulsory Gymnastics program includes USAG levels 2, 3, and 4, all of which compete during the fall meet season. We believe that progression through the compulsory levels provides athletes with a strong foundation for success as optional level athletes. Level 2 practices for 5.5 hours a week, Level 3 practices 8.5 hours a week, and Level 4 practices 10.5 hours a week.

Optional Gymnastics
We provide optional level gymnastics training for athletes Levels 6-10. In lieu of Level 5, gymnasts will be prepared to score out and compete Level 6. Optional placement is based on skill ability, level requirements, and competitive success. Optional gymnasts compete in the spring. Level 6 practices 12 hours a week, Level 7 practices 16 hours a week, Level 8 has the option of practicing 16 or 20 hours a week, and Level 9 and 10 practice 20 hours a week.

USAG Xcel Gymnastics
Xcel Silver- We offer a fall season USAG Xcel Silver for athletes who are between USAG Level 3 and USAG Level 4. While we encourage progression through the compulsory program, we also understand that some gymnasts benefit from an alternative path. Xcel Silver gymnasts will train skills to prepare them for either USAG Level 4 or for USAG Xcel Gold. Xcel Silver practices 9 hours a week.

Xcel Gold/Platinum- Our USAG Xcel Gold and Platinum teams are for the gymnast with a skill level equivalent to Level 4 or above that wants to train in a more relaxed environment with less of a time commitment, but still progress and compete. Placement between Gold and Platinum levels is based on skill ability, level requirements and competitive success. USAG Gold and Platinum compete in the spring and practice 9 hours a week. 

GymStars is an invitation-only recreational competitive team that competes in several meets around Atlanta during the spring. GymStars provides a positive and fun practice environment for gymnasts to progress, develop gymnastics abilities at their own pace, and highlight individual strengths in a relaxed competitive atmosphere. GymStars practices 4 hours a week.     

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