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Trent Gould

Trent Gould started his swim instructor journey in 2018 by offering lessons for the city of Dayton, Ohio. His involvement extended to participating in the Summer Swim Team and engaging in year-round swimming activities with the Dayton Raiders. He also worked in Gwinnett County prior to coming to the MJCCA. Trent enjoys exercising and listening to music.

Demitri Knowles

With a background in both track and field and football at Virginia Tech, Demitri Knowles achieved recognition as a Bahamas National Champion and one-time runner-up during his junior year. Along with his other athletic achievements, he had the privilege of being part of the Bahamas National Swim team for two years. Over the last four years, Demitri has been dedicated to instructing swimming and enjoying the diverse interactions with clients ranging from 0 to 99 years old.

Gabby Lerner

Gabby Lerner grew up attending school and camp at the MJCCA, where she has also worked in the aquatics department for six years. With five years of lifeguarding experience and four years of teaching swimming lessons, she brings a wealth of expertise. Having competed in swimming for a decade, she maintains a deep passion for the sport. Currently a sophomore at the University of Florida, she is pursuing a major in Health Education and Behavior. Gabby can also be found lifeguarding and supervising at the pool.

Brianna Levine

Brianna Levine is a dedicated member of the JCC community and is passionate about coaching swimming and dance. With extensive experience at the MJCCA and her hometown JCC, she is thrilled to bring her energy and dedication and return to the pool.

Korey Lowrey

Proudly serving as an instructor at the MJCCA for nine years, Korey Lowrey oversees pool operations, swim team coaching, and lifeguarding. This has allowed her to not only instruct, but actively contribute to the overall excellence of aquatic programs and services at the MJCCA.

Kaley McPherson

In her third summer teaching at the MJCCA, Kaley McPherson is thrilled to return. Currently in her sophomore year at Auburn University, she is working towards a degree in Marketing and Public Relations. When not at the pool instructing, she can be spotted running around town, enjoying walks with her dogs, or immersed in a captivating book. Freestyle is her preferred stroke, while she enjoys teaching backstroke.

Laura Porto

Laura Porto has been teaching swimming for more than 20 years and has experience with all ages, levels, and abilities. Laura loves working with beginners to overcome fear and acclimate to the water. As a former competitive swimmer, she has coached swim teams and enjoyed working with younger and newer competitors. Additionally, Laura is a certified Water Safety Instructor and a Lifeguard Training Instructor.

Sarell Tutt

Sarell Tutt has been immersed in swimming since the age of 3, starting at the Mill Glen Summer Swim Club and later becoming a year-round member of the Dynamo Swim Club until age 17. She was also a member of the MJCCA Zaban Sharks, and holds records at both Georgia Tech and the MJCCA. Her Aquatics career officially began in 2021, with roles such as lifeguarding, coaching, and instructing.

What is the difference between private and semi-private lessons?

Private lessons are a 1:1 ratio (one swimmer and one instructor). Semi-private lessons are a 2:1 ratio (two swimmers and one instructor). Participants in semi-private lessons must be close to the same ability level to keep lessons fluent and help all participants improve together. You will need to schedule with another family if you choose semi-private lessons. We do not provide you a swim partner.

How long is a swim lesson session? And how often?

Swim lessons are 30-minutes long, typically once a week. It’s the ideal time for students to remain engaged and attentive while having fun and remaining consistent.

Can adults take private swim lessons?

Of course! We welcome adults who want to improve their swimming ability, from basic water safety to perfecting stroke technique. Regular swim lesson fees and policies apply.

How old does my child need to be to take swim lessons?

Children can typically begin individual lessons when they are 6 months old.

Do I have to be in the water during my child’s swim lesson?

Instructors handle all supervision and instruction during scheduled lessons; parents are welcome to stay and observe if they choose but do not need to be in the water.

How do swim lessons work if my child is currently attending The Weinstein School or Camp Marie Benator/Club J/School’s Out Camp/MJCCA Day Camps?

We provide transportation to and from swim lessons for students enrolled in these programs.

How much do lessons cost?

Private lessons are $50 per lesson. Semi-private lessons are $39 per lesson per swimmer. Swim lessons run on a semester basis: Spring (Jan-May), Summer (Jun-Aug), and Fall (Aug-Dec) and are purchased in packages. The number of lessons varies depending on the instructor’s availability, and on any holidays the MJCCA may be closed.

To participate in swim lessons, do you have to be an MJCCA member?

You must be a member of the MJCCA to participate in swim lessons. To learn more about your membership options, please call Membership at 678.812.4060 or email

Can I make changes to my swim lesson package?

Please reach out to the Swim Lessons Manager at if you wish to make a change to your package so we can discuss your options.

Can I cancel my swim lesson package and get a refund/credit for unused lessons?

No refund or credits will be issued for swim lesson packages including unused lessons. Purchasing a package is a commitment for the entire semester in order to foster a consistent learning experience.

What if I need to cancel a swim lesson?

You must give 24-hour notice for any cancellation to not be charged for that lesson. Please cancel your swim lesson on your Pike13 app, giving the instructor as much notice as possible. Notices received within 24 hours before the lesson or lack of notice of an absence will result in being charged for the lesson. Do not email your cancellations.

What happens if I’m part of a semi-private lesson and one participant cancels?

You may attend your swim lesson or cancel and arrange a makeup lesson with your partner if they cancel before 24-hours. If you attend privately, you will be charged the difference in the lesson.

Can I make up a lesson?

If an instructor cancels a lesson, you will receive a makeup lesson. If the pool is closed, you will receive a makeup lesson. If you cancel before 24-hours, you will receive a maximum of 2 makeup lessons; otherwise the lesson will be charged to your package. Please view the Pike13 app to schedule a makeup lesson with any of our instructors. Additionally, we will have a makeup period after the semester is over.

The MJCCA’s Inclusion Program strives to provide the necessary accommodations and flexibility for youth who require additional support so they may access the transformative opportunities available at the MJCCA. Our Inclusion Team collaborates with parents, educators, and staff to determine if successful program placement is possible. These youth and their families are then supported by our Inclusion Team through program accommodations and may also receive individualized assistance. Click here for more information.

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