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Facility Rentals

The MJCCA offers a variety of rental options

Our banquet spaces, theater, gyms, activity rooms, and fields are available to rent for your next party, league, reception, event, or meeting! Banquet rooms can accommodate as few as 15 people and as many as 300 and the Marcus and Mendel Gymnasiums can seat as many as 1,300 as a theater.

Spaces include Morris & Rae Frank Theatre, Brill Family Activity Rooms, Sophie Hirsh Srochi Discovery Center, Mendel, Marcus, and Arthur M. Blank Family Gymnasiums, Arthur M. Blank Family Sports Complex, Northside Hospital Aquatic Center (indoor pool), Sherwin Glass Aquatic Center (outdoor pools), Camp Isidore Alterman, Paradies Playground, and our open-air barn.

Food and Staffing

The MJCCA works with you to make your special event unforgettable

The MJCCA campus has a kosher policy. This policy determines what food can be brought onto the campus.

We’ll ensure the appropriate number of staff members on site to set up, break down, and help manage your event.


Birthday Parties

Make this the best birthday yet

Consider the MJCCA for your next birthday party! We offer state-of-the-art facilities with qualified, dedicated staff who will provide the perfect custom-designed party for your child.

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Kosher Policy

To learn more about Jewish Dietary Laws (known as kashrut in Hebrew), go to

The MJCCA is committed to inclusion of the entire Jewish community. Our kosher Policy is designed to be respectful of the traditional rules of kashrut within the context and culture of our local community. To clarify our Board’s kashrut policy the following interpretations have been established to protect the integrity of our spaces.

The MJCCA’s kosher food policy allows all non-meat and kosher fish foods onto the MJCCA campus, even if they were prepared outside of the building and/or are not prepared under rabbinic or Orthodox supervision. Please note that our policy requires that all food, other than kosher fish, be non-meat. Non-meat refers to products that do not contain flesh foods, as well as byproducts of meat and poultry (such as animal gelatins or rennet – for example Jello, marshmallows, or some cheeses). Kosher fish refers to fish that have fins and scales. Examples of kosher fish are tuna, grouper, bass, flounder, salmon, etc. Examples of non-kosher fish are catfish, shellfish, shrimp, lobster, marlin, monk fish, mussels, etc.

The JCC rabbi or appointed mashgiach (kashrut supervisor) will oversee kashrut and maintain the integrity of the JCC kashrut policy. It is requested that staff members check in with the MJCCA rabbi / mashgiach before ordering and/or serving food at JCC sponsored events.


  • The Healthy Touch Café and its kitchens (meat & dairy) are under, and will remain under, AKC or similarly accepted supervision.
  • The KFC (Kuniansky Family Center) kitchen is dairy / non-meat. The KFC kitchen is and will remain under the supervision of the MJCCA rabbi / mashgiach or other designated religious authority.
  • Preschool kitchens and teacher kitchens are non-meat and not under supervision.
  • Staff kitchens and staff refrigerators are not under supervision.
  • JCC Day Camp Kitchens (located at Camp Isidore Alterman) are non-meat and not under supervision.

Food Service

  • Lunches and meals provided to students in The Weinstein School will be kosher and under AKC or similarly accepted supervision.
  • All MJCCA sponsored events, at the Zaban Park Campus, will be non-meat or kosher meat, under MJCCA rabbi / mashgiach supervision. If kosher meat is served the following guidelines will be strictly followed:
    • Approval from JCC rabbi / mashgiach.
    • Meat must contain AKC accepted hechsher.
    • Equipment (grills, utensils, tools) will be stored and reserved for this purpose only.
    • Meat and milk products will not be served together.
    • Adequate signage will always be used to designate the kashrut status of served foods.
    • For all JCC sponsored events, there will always be an AKC (or similarly accepted supervision) food option.
    • Rentals may serve non-meat food and kosher fish without the requirement of supervision.