Terms & Conditions

Terms of Membership

MJCCA membership is for one continuous year from the month membership is established. Membership dues are non-refundable. To cancel a membership, you must send written notification 30 days prior to the anniversary of your join date. MJCCA memberships cannot be cancelled in the first year of membership. When reinstating a cancelled or expired membership, a registration fee will apply.

In the event that a member moves away 40 miles or more from the MJCCA, the MJCCA will give a refund on a prorated basis. The member must provide proof of the move with at least 30 days advance written notice.

MJCCA memberships may be frozen or extended due to illness or injury only. Memberships can only be frozen for a period of one, two or three months and will affect all individuals on the membership account. A doctor's note documenting the date and nature of the illness or injury must be provided to the membership department immediately, and memberships can only be frozen once during a membership year.

Membership Requirement When Registering Children

A family membership is required when registering a child for preschool, Club J, Day Camps and Camp Barney Medintz. A young adult membership is valid for facility access, member prices on programs, youth sports and adult sports. Please contact the membership department at 678.812.4060 with any questions.

Payment Options

New members are required to establish a monthly payment plan. The monthly payment plan fulfills the annual membership agreement and is not considered a month-to-month membership. A membership cannot be cancelled during the first year. To cancel a membership at the conclusion of the first year, written notification must be received by the Membership department 30 days prior to the anniversary of the join date.

All payment plan memberships automatically renew on the anniversary of the join date at prevailing rates. After the first year of membership, a member can cancel their membership by providing a 30-day written notification.

Monthly payments are debited from a checking account or charged to a credit card. The MJCCA accepts American Express®, VISA®, MasterCard®, and Discover®.

Automatic Membership Renewal Policy Associated with MJCCA Program Enrollment

Many programs offered at the MJCCA require a current MJCCA membership. When registering for one of these programs, members acknowledge that a membership is required throughout the entire program. If your membership renewal date occurs prior to or during the program, your membership will automatically renew at prevailing rates and dues will be charged monthly to the credit card provided for registration unless alternate payment arrangements have been made with the membership department. If a credit card is not provided, it is the member's responsibility to contact the membership department and make payment arrangements.

Membership Upgrades

Members at the Preferred and Essential level may upgrade their memberships at any time. In the case of partial year upgrades, the fee will be prorated. Membership downgrades are permitted with a 30-day written notice after the one-year anniversary of the join date.

Membership Cards

Membership cards are required for all members 6th grade and older and must be scanned at all building entrances to access the MJCCA Zaban Park facility. Additionally, the MJCCA's policy requires that all members scan their membership card at the sports desk, fitness center, and outdoor pools. Members are unable to enter the indoor and outdoor pools, locker rooms, or fitness facilities without scanning their membership card. Lost cards will be replaced for a nominal fee of $10 per card or $5 for key fobs.

Access to the MJCCA Facilities

To ensure the safety and security of our members, all children younger than 6th grade must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or adult guardian (18 years or older) when accessing the MJCCA and while utilizing its facilities. If a child younger than 6th grade is enrolled in a supervised program, a parent or adult guardian (18 years or older) must escort the child to and from the program location and may not drop the child off at the building entrance.

Children ages 12 and under are not permitted to access the fitness facilities at Zaban Park. Once reaching age 13, children whose families are at the Ultimate or Preferred level of membership are allowed to access the fitness facilities. They are permitted to use the facilities on their own only after completing a complimentary orientation given by a MJCCA Fitness staff member.

Children age 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian (18 years or older) to access the Indoor Pool and Outdoor Pool areas. Once reaching age 13, children whose families are at the Ultimate or Preferred or Essential level of membership are allowed access to the Indoor Pool and Outdoor Pool areas on their own.

Guest Passes and Fees

Guest passes are only available for prospective members and no other guest passes are being issued at this time. As many of our programs require reservations or smaller groups, we are prioritizing those spaces for our members.


We gladly welcome members from other JCCs to the MJCCA. Out-of-town guests with proof of membership at another JCC may use our facilities for up to 15 days per calendar year free of charge.

MJCCA members receive membership privileges at JCCs throughout North America. Members must contact the individual JCC to ascertain their reciprocity policy.


Members, guests, and visitors at any MJCCA facility or MJCCA sponsored activity must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with a family atmosphere and Jewish values. Violations to persons or property will not be tolerated. Non-adherence to MJCCA rules and regulations may result in disciplinary action. Please click here to view our full Code of Conduct.

Unsupervised Children Policy

Protecting the safety of our members and their children is our top priority. Children younger than 6th grade are not permitted to be at the MJCCA unsupervised. Unsupervised is defined for these purposes as out of visual range of the adult responsible for them.

Children in 6th grade and older who are at the MJCCA without adult supervision are expected to:

  • follow all MJCCA rules (and be able to read signs indicating any changes to known rules, safety issues, etc.)
  • respectfully adhere to policies and direction from MJCCA staff
  • respectfully and appropriately use all center facilities and equipment

In the event that a child younger than 6th grade is at the MJCCA unsupervised or a child 6th grade or older is found engaging in inappropriate behavior or breaking MJCCA rules, the child will be escorted to the main reception desk, a parent will be called, and the child must be picked up promptly.

The MJCCA reserves the right to revoke the privilege of being at the MJCCA unsupervised for any child 6th grade and older making inappropriate choices.

Refund Policy for MJCCA Programs

Please be advised that the MJCCA operates on a MJCCA credit-only policy and does not issue any refunds unless otherwise advised and approved. Refunds are not available on tickets for plays, concerts, special events, or holiday programs. Refund policies for camps and preschools are stated in their registration materials.

Weapons Policy

The MJCCA prohibits members and guests from bringing dangerous weapons or unauthorized materials such as explosives, firearms (either concealed or otherwise), knives, or other similar items that might be considered dangerous or that could cause harm onto MJCCA property. MJCCA property is defined as all MJCCA-owned or leased buildings and surrounding areas such as sidewalks, walkways, driveways and parking lots under the MJCCA's ownership or control. The MJCCA reserves the right at any time and at its discretion to conduct lawful searches for the purpose of determining whether any weapon has been brought onto its property or premises in violation of this policy.


The MJCCA’s Inclusion Program strives to provide the necessary accommodations and flexibility for youth who require additional support so they may access the transformative opportunities available at the MJCCA. Our Inclusion Team collaborates with parents, educators, and staff to determine if successful program placement is possible. These youth and their families are then supported by our Inclusion Team through program accommodations and may also receive individualized assistance. Click here for more information.